XBMC: How to?

Backup and restore Kodi/XBMC

This video shows how you should backup your Kodi/XBMC configuration. I advise doing the backup once you receive your unit. You will then be able to restore it if something wrong happened.

Shahid Arabic

هذا الفيديو يوضح كيفية إستخدام برنامج شاهد العربي Shahid Arabic

1Channel: No Season Available Fix

How to fix XBMC/Kodi 1Channel (Primewire) add-on “No Season Available” for TV shows

Why does this happen? After a recent upgrade to primewire website, the 1channel add-on needed to be updated, automatic update is not happening to ever-you one so you will need to upgrade it manually

You will need to download 1 Channel 2.5.55 latest addon or newer to fix this issue.

This video offers you the chance to do everything from fusion repo automatically.

XBMC How To: Adding network video files.

This video walks through adding videos over SMB and why you should probably avoid uPnP for now. It also covers sticking those videos in your library, fixing problems with XBMC scrapers, and making your library pretty.

XBMC: How to download movie or tv streams?

Many people inquire about downloading movies. I personally only stream not download. The Internet is my hard disk. But for those of you who are still holding up to the old ways, this will help.  Though this tutorial is done on a computer, XBMC is the same on the computer as on your Genie Android Box.

How to enable subtitles in any language on movies?

The following video is for XBMC versions older than 13. If you have XBMC 13 “Gotham” follow the link given below.

The above is for XBMC versions older than 13.  Starting in XBMC v13 “Gotham” subtitles are now built into XBMC, and instead of downloading the subtitle download add-on, you install specific subtitle services. See Guide here

XBMC add-ons: Never miss a FIFA match. Watch it on demand

Football Today, Football replays and The Beautiful Game are 3 XBMC video add-ons that allow you to watch football on demand. They come in very handy with the busy schedule of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Football Replays

Football Replays

Football Today

Football Today



The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game



XBMC User Guide


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