Indian Live TV channels and movies on XBMC MashUp

The presentation shows how to watch Indian live TV channels and movies bu using XBMC’s add-on Mash Up  on our Genie Box. This is in addition to the regular English TV channels and movies. All this is available free (no subscription fee).

XBMC Gotham does not support AMLogic S802!!

M8 AMLogic s802

M8 AMLogic s802

Well, I had to discover it the hard way. After receiving the new shipment of the M8 pre-installed with XBMC Gotham, could not get it work. Just before displaying any video, it boots out of XBMC. Tried the newest Gotham 13.1 beta 2, with the same result. So, I tried installing XBMC Frodo (12.3), it worked just fine.

Well, when I researched the problem, I found this quote “Early this year when XBMC annouced their newest ‘Gotham’ beta version, many people were disappointed that it will only support hardware decoding for RK3188 but not Amlogic chipset. We on the other hand is not upset by this news, as a R&D company we always wants to do things our way – creating and enabling functions is always our strength.” The quote is attributed to Geniatech, one of the major manufacturers of amlogic android TV boxes.

Should that bother you, not at all.  Whatever version of XBMC you will get what you want, i.e. HDTV and HD Dolby sound.

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