Kodi for beginners.

This is a basic guide intended for beginner users who do not have any idea about Kodi. Kodi is a free source multimedia center available for many operating systems like android, windows, etc.


This guide and many others are readily available on YouTube. You are encouraged to go to YouTube and search for “kodi” + anything you want to know, e.g. “kodi genesis” or “kodi iptv“.

Here is a more comprehensive series titled Kodi for beginners. It includes instructions on installing it on a Windows computer. I advise all people to try it on their commuter first to see if it is the right choice for them,


Kodi for beginners video 1


 Kodi for beginners video 2

Kodi for beginners video 3

Kodi for beginners video 4


 Kodi for beginners video 5

 Kodi for beginners video 6


 Kodi for beginners video 7


 Kodi for beginners video 8


 Kodi for beginners video 9

Kodi: How to change the addon shortcut icons?

The icons that appear on the opening screen under videos, pictures, programs, etc. was set-up to satisfy most of the users. However, as you know, if you click on addons under videos, you have access to much more addons. May be you prefer to have one of these as the first icon under videos.

Kodi icons

The video below will show how to add icons if they are not there. You can also use it to change any icon listed. Just click on the addon you want to change, then choose the new addon from the list of addons that will appear.

The following content is from this site.

Step 1 – Hover or Click on System and then click on Settings.

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 2 – Click on Appearance

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 3 – Navigate to the Skin Tab and move to right to the Skin Settings Tab (Pictured)

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 4 – Navigate to the Add-on Shorcuts section and press right or move your cursor right and click on Add-on 1 (You can click on any of the Corresponding Add-on 1-7. Just remember that Add-on 1 will be the first shortcut on the left of your screen.) If you scroll down further you will see Music and Program Add-on Shortcuts.

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 5 – after pressing Add-on 1 a pop up with all of your video addons will appear.

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 6 – Choose the addon you want to create the shortcut for. (In this example I chose the CBS News Addon)

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Step 7 – The addon you selected will now be shown on your homescreen under the Video section. Please repeat step 5 & 6 for any other short cut spots you want to add or change.

Step 8 – Press the Home Icon at the bottom right of the screen and move to the Video section. You will now see the addons that you have selected as short cuts on the main screen.

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

That is it folks. You have no mastered how to add, or change shortcuts in Kodi XMBC.

Hope that helps.

Kodi for beginners

Although the author [Building a multimedia center] is running this on a computer, I believe that android box users can also benefit from it. It is a comprehensive 5 parts video. Enjoy.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5

New to Kodi? Taste it before buying a unit!

Some of the people who contact me do not know anything about the android TV boxes or Kodi. They have not seen it in action.

Well, if you have a PC you can install kodi on it and test for yourself. Here is a good start

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