How to re-install Kodi aaastream add-on?


AAASTREAM (previously AAA Live TV) is the best Kodi add-on to watch live TV (IPTV) from around the world.

Recently, due to a conflict between its developer and other developers, a cyber-war was started. The only victims so far are the users. Some very unethical tactics were used to make the users abandon aaastream. Such tactics included (but not limited to):

  1. Rumors that aaastreams contained code that would harvest your passwords. This is absolutely false as the code is available to the public.
  2. Some add-on when started would give the user the ultimatum of either deleting aaastream or deleting the add-on they wanted to use.
  3. Recently, they even do not give you an option to choose between them and aaastream. They included code in new updates that will search for and destroy the aaastream add-on and even prevent you from re-installing it.

I have made an illustrated beginner user guide on how to re-activate, or in case you do not have it install, aaastream. It is available here.


For all my customers; you may have noticed a war going on unfortunately on your units. Some developers have launched this war on one of the most popular add-ons, i.e. AAAstream.  This is the best add-on to watch live TV on. This has now culminated into an ultimatum when you start some ad-ons, you are confronted with a pop-up that says that aaastream is installed on your unit and either you have to delete it or delete the add-on you wanted to start. Lately, they not only delete aaastream from your unit, but also prevent you from re-installing it.

I call this cyber-bullying. No one has the right to give ultimatums to users and certainly no one has the right to deploy code that would destroy some add-on on my system.



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