For all my customers; you may have noticed a war going on unfortunately on your units. Some developers have launched this war on one of the most popular add-ons, i.e.…

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Backup and restore Kodi/XBMC

This video shows how you should backup your Kodi/XBMC configuration. I advise doing the backup once you receive your unit. You will then be able to restore it if something…

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Shahid Arabic

هذا الفيديو يوضح كيفية إستخدام برنامج شاهد العربي Shahid Arabic

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1Channel: No Season Available Fix

How to fix XBMC/Kodi 1Channel (Primewire) add-on “No Season Available” for TV shows Why does this happen? After a recent upgrade to primewire website, the 1channel add-on needed to be…

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How to get Mashup working again

I know that most of you miss Mashup. A method to get it back working and prevent the auto-update has been posted on The Ugly Duckling website. Here is the…

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