Why the RAM and Storage is not as your advertised?

Why the RAM and Storage is not as your advertised?

This is a really questions which we get asked every day. so let us make it clearly.

All of the tv box/tv sticks we are selling is advertised as 1GB RAM and 4GB or 8GB Storage.

but when you recevive it, you will check “setting” and “storage” and find it is not like the advertised,and come to complain with us, however, you did the wrong check!!!

In setting,you can’t check the RAM and ROM. the correct way is downloading some system check app, like Antutu, you can check the system information, and you will find the RAM and Storage information.

Even in Antutu, you still find the RAM is not as 1GB and storage is not the full 4GB or 8GB, It is really normal, because the  rest of the memory is used by Android operating system and pre-installed app. Even Samsung or iphone all have this problem. Please understand!

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