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Use our Genie Box with camera and mic. and enjoy Skype on your TV.

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Using Genie Box

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Using Genie Box

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Using Genie Box

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Smart TV Box

Are you fed up with paying big money to cable and satellite companies? Are you sick of ads during watching your favorite series, TV show or movie? Are you tired of recording episodes on your PVR so you can watch them later? Are you fed up with Netflix for the only old movies you can watch? Do you want to watch content in your mother tongue? If you know what you want, go directly to our secure store!

Well, here is your  economical and more powerful alternative. Our Genie Box, and android quad core TV Box (IPTV).  You will have access to the latest movies, TV shows, sports events, foreign content all for free, with no ads, and purely live or on-demand.  Your TV watching habits will be dramatically changed. You will be in control. You want to pause and continue later? That is fine.

We are happy to announce the arrival of the fastest and best ever TV Box with Octa (8) Core RK3368, running Android 5.1, HDMI 2 and Bluetooth 4. We are the first to bring it to Canada. We have two different models the CX-R8 and the Tronsmart Orion R68 Meta.


TV Box

Genie Box android TV box

Why should you buy from us?
  • Well, we are honest businessmen.  We provide you with the most comprehensively configured android TV box in the market. Many add-ons are installed under video, program, pictures, etc. and many others to chose from.
  • We personalize the configuration for your own interested. Whether it is music, sports, cooking, etc. you are interested in. Just tell us.
  • We are 100% behind our product. We provide 6 months hardware warranty.
  • We give you a free orientation (of at least 15 minutes) on how to use the unit and how to install any add-ons from the large library we make available to you.
  • We are always there to answer your questions by telephone or e-mail.
Finally, we are not after a short-term financial gain, we are after your referrals of family and friends. Only happy customers will do that.


Android 4.2.2

Enjoy android applications


Better than Apple TV

Do not pay for content


Save money

Don’t pay cable or satellite


Be a winner

Fight the unfair fees


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What Our Clients Say

This is the best decision I have made for entertainment. I can watch the latest movies, TV shows and sports events without having to pay the cartel controlling them.

Author Brian Robertson

I used to watch Arabic content through satellite dish paying a monthly fee. Now that I have the android TV box I watch all the Arabic content I like both live and on-demand and do not have to pay a cent to anyone.

Author Mohamed Aaref

I am a sports addict. I was paying huge fee to get the pay per view sports channels. I was skeptical about the TV box. Now I am a huge fan. I have more sports channels and events that It is hard to decide what to watch. Love it. Watching Greek content and latest movies are just added bonuses for me.

Author Dimitris K.